Apple iOS 11 is Expected to Bring in a Number of New Features

Apple has always been in the news for quite a long while for the launch of the upcoming software update. And there are quite a few rumors which state that there are going to be a number of new things which are going to be introduced with the launch of the Apple iOS 11.

iOS 11

The first and foremost thing which the rumors state that there is going to be the introduction of the new feature that will put the device, be it an iPhone or an iPad or any other device which will run on the Apple iOS 11 operating system, into a low-power mode automatically. The user doesn’t need to do anything at all the device will attain the power-saving mode on its own. That sounds really brilliant for the users who often fail to take care of the battery of the device.

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Now that automatic process will certainly have an impact on the battery of the Apple devices. This is because once the device delves into the low-power mode that will reduce the power consumption of the device. Once the battery starts consuming less power there is will be a lesser loss of battery. Hence, one of the new features which are going to come with Apple iOS 11 will surely make the users of the Apple gadgets really excited. And as a matter of fact, this new feature has been revealed by one of the users from Reddit.

An updated Siri is certainly going to be a part of the Apple iOS 11. And that is going to be done with the inclusion of the features from the WorkFlow technology which has been in the news for quite a bit of time now. In fact, there are reports that Apple has some sort of an agreement between the developers of the Workflow technology which suggests that there is going to be a deep iCloud as well. So the incorporation of the Automator software will certainly make the iOS 11 much more developed.

Along with these, there are previous rumors which state that there is going to be a new addition to the features of Facetime. Facetime has been one of the most popular apps which allow the users of the Apple devices to make video calls. And the latest software update from Apple is going to bring in the video call feature within groups as well. Previously, one particular user could get engaged in the video call through Facetime, but with the arrival of Apple iOS 11, the user will be able to engage in a group video. This is really interesting as it will provide the users with a much better option for keeping in touch with their acquaintances, particularly in groups.

However, amidst these new things which will certainly benefit the users to quite a huge extent, there is the rumor going on which will certainly make the users, as well as the developers of a number of apps, really worried. The reports state that the arrival of Apple iOS 11 will render more than millions of apps incompatible with Apple iOS 11. So that comes as one of the worrying things for all who have been eagerly waiting for the launch of the Apple iOS 11.

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