How To Install WordPress Step By Step

WordPress is famous as Most Popular for blogging platform  make a blog and e-commerce site.we know WordPress is Open Source marketplace for content management system (CMS Framework).Here we Are telling how to install WordPress for new user who not  know installation of WordPress.Blogger ,author or any person who don’t know PHP coding language he also can make his blog easily website just follow us step by step with easy process. our goal is to offer a comprehensive WordPress installation tutorial for beginners and advanced users alike.

Install WordPress by FTP on your server.

For install WordPress on your server or make a blog you need a domain name ( who show your brand name business name your public virtual name) and a good web hosting with good high service configuration. we are your using domain hosting register by AARCtech Software solution

Manually installing WordPress by FTP take 5 minute only.

1 first you need to download WordPress files .go on WordPress official site and download WordPress latest version 4.7.

2. unzip WordPress folder .

3. upload file using FTP on your server in /public_html/ folder directory on server (public HTML is root directory of your domain directory) make a database name in your database cpenal for your blog go on browser and type your and enter .fill your user name and password

5. create database and create a database name.

6. once your done uploading .now time to cunfigure and setup wordpress

7 go in browser and put your domain name

8 you will see a site who asking choose langauge .choose your langauge and continue.

how to install wordpress

Click on the continue button to proceed.

9.You will now see some installation instructions. Basically WordPress will now tell you that it will need your database name, password, and mysql host information.

Click on the ‘Let’s go’ button to continue.

10.WordPress will now show you a form. You have to enter the name of the database you created earlier.

11.Fill in the information and then click on submit button. WordPress will now connect to your database and will show you a success message.

12.Click on ‘Run the Install’ button to continue.

WordPress will now create tables in your database and then send you to the next step of the installation.

13.Now you need to provide some information for WordPress to setup your site. This includes site title, username, password, and admin email address.


14 .Click on the Install WordPress button to continue. WordPress will setup your website and finish the installation.

You will see a success message showing your username. You can now click on the Log in button to sign in to your WordPress site.

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