Uncharted 5, If At All Happens, Will Make Things Look Even Better

Open world video games have been one of the most popular genres that have managed to attract the gamer across the world for quite some time now. In the last few years, there has been a marked progress in the field of open world games, and that owes a lot to the new things which have come up in the world of technology. The game developers have also become aware of the things that the fans would love to see coming in the new editions of the game, and this bridge between the developers and the gamer have played an instrumental role in such development of the open world video games.

Uncharted 5

Speaking of the open world video games, one of the games which deserve special mention is the Uncharted franchise. In all the editions of the game, we have seen something new or the other coming in. And that has actually made the fans much more expectant regarding the upcoming edition of Uncharted 5 Game. However, there has been enough concern for the fans for there are chances that the game might not even hit the market eventually.

The developers of the game in the Uncharted series – Naughty Dog has been reportedly found to be denying the development yet another edition of the game. The developers have recently hit the headlines for a DLC pack which is perhaps going to be coming out very soon. And words are making rounds that this is going to be the fifth edition of the game instead of any full version in future. But there is still a lot of time to go before we can start predicting the release date of the Uncharted 5. A lot of things might happen, and there are also possibilities that any other game developer might take charge of the situation and eventually release a new edition of the game.

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If that happens, huge change is expected to come in the game. One aspect of the game that is bound to change is the protagonist. In the fourth edition of the game, we have seen that the protagonist of the game Nathan Drake closing in on his old age and there is every chance that he will give up this life full of adventure. In that case, there is going to be a new protagonist. And it is believed that the new protagonist is going to be the daughter of Nathan Drake. Casie Drake has been brought up in a way which will make her an apt successor to her father. So it will be really great to witness Casie taking up the remnants from her father and carry on with the adventure.

Also, a number of changes in the vehicles might come in. With still a lot of time to go before the development of the game can even begin, if at all that happens, there is definitely going to be a number of new modes of traveling should be brought in by the developers. New types of weapons would also be a welcome update for the game Uncharted 5. So anything can happen and to keep an eye on that do not forget to stay tuned to this thread.

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